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“If I had relied solely upon my rational mind, I would never have made the discoveries for which I am famous.” – Albert Einstein

I met an inspiring person today who talked about using the Heart vs the Head. And it’s really intriguing because I constantly fight with myself about the tools I use to make decisions.

How many times have we thought about something great, felt really passionate about it, only to feel less and less enthusiastic the idea as it rolled around the head?

Why are brainstorming sessions so fun? Because you don’t have to rationalize the idea with the communication you usually have inside your head. Ideas can flow endlessly, and people get excited and enthusiastic about the idea because they were thinking with their heart first.

Some people call it the Muse. The Gut Instinct. The Sixth Sense. Whatever it is, everyone has probably felt it some time in their life before.

In my world, business ideas get thrown around all the time. In my opinion, there is no such things as a bad business idea. If I learned anything from my background as a marketer, it is that anything can be sold.

And I truly believe in that. (I can give a 101 examples, but that’s for another day.) Every business idea – however absurd, can be tweaked to make it work. Maybe the product as to be improved. Maybe the business method has to be altered. Maybe the revenue sources needs to increase. Maybe the customer segment has to be changed.

Whatever it is, there are many roads that leads to Rome. And I have tons of fun making seemingly impossible plans work.

Anyway, my point is – that every business idea has the chance of becoming something really great. A good mentor would probably never “phhuusttt” a business idea and conclude that it won’t work.

IF, an entrepreneur, rolls that idea of his too much in his head, he will probably never get to execute it. There are simply TOO many uncertainties, (What with marketing research, customer demographics, marketing budgets and so many other limitations) grey areas and he will never get a perfect business plan.

If too much thought goes into something, it will probably never get done. Aptly put by the most brilliant brain in the 20th century:

“If at first an idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it!” – Albert Einstein

Reflect on that a little.

Now that we know everyone uses their Heart and Head to make decisions, the key is to know when to use what.


a leaving statement.. You know when you are using your Heart to make the right decisions, because you will ALWAYS feel good about it.

Inspired by: Paul Dunn – Inspiration, Social Entrepreneur, Wizard of Wow, Founder and Chairperson of Buy 1 Give 1.

For friends who call me Bimboss.. When we go shopping, they know that I never buy something that I need to think about. If I don’t get it the moment I see it (Like NOW), 95% chances are I will never get it. And almost 100% of the time, I am happy with my decision.


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